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Alemba Cloud Services

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Powered by the Amazon Web Service the Alemba Cloud is a fast, secure and scalable-hosted Service offering designed to provide you ease of use and peace of mind.

Combined with our unique ITIL compliant pre-populated database, the Alemba Cloud will get you up and running fast.

Service Offerings:

The Alemba Cloud Service provides 4 base offerings which can be fully customized to meet your needs. Combine our hosted service with our unique ITIL compliant pre-populated database to get up and running with your new system fast!

Alemba Cloud Option 1
Alemba Cloud Option 2
Alemba Cloud Option 3
Alemba Cloud Option 4

All Alemba Cloud Systems are managed and maintained by the Alemba IT Service Team, including:

  • operating and database system performance
  • maintenance
  • patching

Once configured, your Alemba Cloud Hosted system is available to you on your unique URL.

Alemba Cloud diagram

Our Data Centers:

The Alemba Cloud Service provides multiple Data Center Locations around the globe.

AWS Data Centers

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