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5 Lessons I Learned from The Beatles

21 Dec 2021

I watched Peter Jackson’s excellent new Beatles documentary (“The Beatles: Get Back”) over the weekend as I flopped around after my Covid booster. It was a masterclass in the creative process and highlighted several concepts I thought would work really well in a work context.

Calling all users!

23 Mar 2020

Are you an Alemba customer?

Promote your Service Portal

19 Aug 2019

So, you’ve done the hard work and built a comprehensive Service Request catalogue for your service delivery department, complete with a self-service portal to allow your users to log requests quickly and easily.

Cool kids code

28 Feb 2019

It’s 2019 and the thought of teaching children basic typing skills is almost amusing - have you ever seen a toddler navigate an iPad? Children are growing up with computer skills as second nature, which is why it has become increasingly important to teach kids coding skills from an early age.

6 Awesome Resources

25 Jul 2018

Whether you’re a battle-worn ITSM professional or brand new to the game, here are a few resources that may come in handy!

Finding (and keeping) IT talent

14 Jun 2018

Need to recruit top-notch IT talent, as in yesterday? Here’s how to nab (and keep!) the best talent in a competitive market.

Value in ITSM Training

07 Dec 2017

Management This, Management That

13 Nov 2017

Before you shout at the screen, I know that only 20 of the 26 ITIL process names end in “management.” In case you are wondering, it’s change evaluation, continual service improvement, design coordination, request fulfilment, service validation and testing, and transition planning and support that don’t.

ITSM Leadership

17 Aug 2017

As an ITSM leader or manager, you might be surprised to learn that, in reality, all is not as rosy as you believe. Guest blogger Daniel Breston shares how to see below the waterline, and fix issues to make things work better, faster, and safer through the better use of technology.

7 Tips for Better Managing SLAs

30 May 2017

Service level management is an important piece of the overall IT service management (ITSM) jigsaw. However, it can often be a struggle for ITSM practitioners after the hard work is done in creating, and agreeing, the required service level agreements (SLAs). This blog offers up seven tips to help you ensure that your SLAs are effective as one of the necessary steps in improving your service level management.

Customer Service and Customer Experience

13 Mar 2017

Customer experience (often abbreviated to CX) seems to be somewhat of an IT and IT service management (ITSM) buzz-phrase of late. I’ve no issue with this, in fact I think it’s a good thing – taking the focus even further away from the technology, towards how it’s consumed and the outcomes it helps to deliver, is where corporate IT organizations need to be.

ITSM 101

09 Feb 2017

So here’s the thing. We work in an industry that’s fast paced and constantly evolving. We’re told to “go big or go home” but there’s so much to keep up with in IT service management (ITSM) these days. Not only ITIL and COBIT but also Lean, Six Sigma, DevOps, Agile, and service integration and management (SIAM) – so it’s no wonder people struggle to keep up or can get confused. If you want to know about the latter – SIAM – then this blog is for you.

4 Change Management Tips

17 Jan 2017

By now the post-Christmas glow has probably worn off, the January blues are starting to kick in, and the holidays are probably starting to seem like a distant memory. To top it off, the end of the Christmas change freeze has probably ended – and all the planned work, delayed until after the holidays, now has to get done.